Step by Step to Start Blogging

Follow the steps below to create and keep your Blog going….


#1 Look to the TOP RIGHT “White Box” with Black Letters says WRITE

#2 CLICK WRITE (you will be directed to a posting page)

#3 MOST IMPORTANT @ the “TOP” in the ****MIDDLE of the Posting Page**** you will see YOUR NAME you signed up with, make sure it is your name and not anyone else’s, you will see an arrow next to your name, and all Members that signed up to Blog will be under that arrow, so you do not want to confuse or mix your post with someone else’s name (blog) so make sure YOUR NAME is SHOWING at the top before you begin your Blog Post….

#3 For your FIRST post ****ONLY**** put your NAME as the **TITLE**

(this way when people comment, reply to your Blog it will show under your name of your blog) The title of your first Blog Post will be the Name that shows up every time you Blog and what people will see for your Blog.


In order to keep your Blog going under your name when you come back to ADD ANOTHER BLOG POST you must scroll down to the BOTTOM of the page and

(*ENTER your NEW BLOG POST*)  in the


this makes sure that every time you post to your blog it continues under the name you created in the “title” with your FIRST blog post so that other members will see who added a New Post…


For questions feel free t email me Jan @